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Essential collection

Energy Essentials

Vibrational scents that lift your spirit, soothe the atmosphere and ground your energy. Our essentials for your daily ritual. 

Playfulness • Self-expression • Creativity

Muse collection

I playfully ignite my creative passion

Discover the enchanting power of your inner muse. Awaken your creativity and ignite a stream of inspiration while moving beyond the ordinary. Muse will help you to playfully express yourself from the depths of your heart.

As a roller, mist or remedy – pick your favorite medium or combine them for an even more profound effect

Natural healing supplements

Flower Remedies

Gentle companions, delicate yet powerful, drawing on the subtle energies of wild flowers. They’re like emotional and spiritual allies, each focused on different aspects. They’re here to support you, unlocking the hidden potential that’s already within you and revealing new layers of your inner world.

Gift Card

Floral love note to someone special

The giftcard is valid for two whole years, giving you and your loved ones the flexibility to redeem it at any time.

Custom Remedy

A blend created specially for you and the themes that play a role in your life at this moment. This personal remedy comes with a 1:1 Flower Essence Ceremony in which we together unravel the themes your remedy may support you in.