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March  •

Remembering you

It felt that this story wanted to be shared, remembered by you as well. 

Last Friday I had a – I might say life changing – ceremony with medicinal plants. The gentle kind – that helps you to so deeply relax and open your heart – everything is clear.

The voice of my intuition, my higher self, spoke so clearly – a deep sense of calm and trust came over me. I felt my heart beating in the same rhythm as mother earth herself – beating as one. I felt absorbed in the whole – one with everything and at the same time uniquely myself.

I saw previous lives passing by before my eyes. Lives in which within each and everyone of them I worked with plants. ‘I’ve done this before, many many different times’ I heard as I felt the ancient wise plant woman inside me being activated on new layers.

It was mother earth helping me remembering my soul path with – how could it have been otherwise – the use of plant medicine. 

The flower that wanted to share its musing with you this month is Ground Elder – and she has a message that feels completely in line with my own experience this past Friday.

Ground Elder is so common in the Netherlands it is seen as a weed, yet so profound in its spirit and energy. Knowing what this wise plant brings to us, it makes so, so much sense it pops up as ‘weed’ everywhere. We NEED this, the collective needs this energy – to remember who we are. To remember the infinite wisdom that lives within each and everyone of us. If only we’d open up our hearts and listened…


Musing of Ground Elder

What we all need to thrive my dear, is connecting with oneself – beyond our human form. Connecting with that part inside that makes our soul come alive. And to do this, you are being asked to let go of beliefs about yourself and systems in which you operate that have never worked for you and never will.

You are being asked to unfold your souls desires, what makes your eyes glistening and your heart beat faster. You are being asked to remember you are so much more than this human experience. Let my energy guide you in rooting deeply in your own being, rooting deeply in mother earth and by doing so – becoming more and more YOU.


Ground Elder

Ground Elder is one of the flower essences that makes the Gaia remedy so profound.

A remedy created for intuitive therapists, healers, see-ers, channelers and all spiritual beings who want to deepen their practice. Who want to remember on new layers the ancient wisdom they hold within them.

May she be a guide to your path. Reconnecting you with ancient wisdom of your soul, of Gaia herself and of all that is present within and without. Waiting to be activated and LIVED by you – in this life. 

Gaia is now part of the flower essence collection – you’ll feel her call when she is for you 

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