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Positivity  •  Guidance  •  Light


Sunshine remedy is like a warm embrace that envelops your being and fills it with light. It gently lifts any weight off your chest and provides you with loving guidance and support. No matter how far away positivity may seem, this remedy helps you see the bright side of life. With renewed energy and vitality, it empowers you to take the next step towards your dreams.

Bringing light & positive energy

This remedy helps to

Bring some extra love and light into your field

Help you to feel support from the spirits 

Bring you back to your positive self

Lift any heavy weight on your chest

Feel more energetic and alive

Various Flower Essences*, Mineral water, High grade alcohol – natural preservative

*Organic, biodynamic and sourced sustainably

How to use

4 times a day, 4 drops under your tongue.

30 ML  |  one month supply if taken as directed

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The Spirit of 


Bringing light & positive energy

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Good to know &


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Flower essences are liquid extracts used to address themes of emotional well-being, soul development, and overall mind & body health.⁠

They are gentle, natural guides that help us to let go of what we are not (fears, emotions, thoughts), so that who we truly are can be revealed.

Flower Essences are completely safe, odorless, non-toxic and have no side effects. They can be used safely on all living beings – including children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and even animals.

The beauty of the flower essences is that they work on our energetic body, and thereby support us in the shift of energy that creates the circumstances for healing to take place. ⁠

Each flower essence stimulates a positive virtue or quality that is already a part of who we are. They don’t do our inner work for us, rather they catalyze our consciousness and capacity for self-reflection.

I recommend taking the flower remedy until the bottle is finished (approximatly for 3-4 weeks) following a consistent intake of 4 drops 4 x per day under the tongue or in your drink of choice.

Try not to touch the dropper with your mouth or tongue and don’t place the dropper on an unclean surface.

I recommend taking one blend at a time and finish the bottle before using another one.

More is not always better… especially when it comes to flower remedies.

Although it might be tempting to use different remedies – I can use some of this, and this and this, oh and this also feels relevant. Bring. It. On!

But when realizing flower essences work vibrationally – on your energetic field – you can perhaps imagine what happens when you combine too many different flower remedies together.

Too many input signals and your system will likely get confused. 

Start with one and let the magic gently unfold. 

After unraveling these layers, new layers may emerge – which will ask for different flowers that can then do their magic.

If you forget a day that is totally okay, just continue taking it. Since the flower essences work with your energy field, consistant intake is important to break up emotional patterns overtime and truely experiencing the benefits on a deep level.

Tip: for me personally it works best to take the drops during breakfast, lunch, dinner and before I go to bed. Usualy we already have a certain routine during these moments, where you can simply add the intake of the essence as an extra step.

Flower Essences are completely safe, odorless, non toxic and have no side effects. They can be used safely on all living beings – including children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and even animals. 

Flower remedies are very gentle and can be used by all living beings, including humans, plants and animals. They are safe to combine with other supplements or medication.

Please be aware that the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

They are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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