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Playful  •  Self-expression  •  Creativity

Muse Roller

Discover the enchanting power of your inner muse with the Muse roller. Helping you to awaken your creativity, igniting a stream of inspiration while moving beyond the ordinary. Intentionally created to help you playfully express yourself from the depths of your heart.

Let the Muse roller bring you into a playful and inspiring flow while you discover the boundless realms of your imagination.

I playfully ignite my creative passion

This roller helps to

Awaken your creative flow

Ignite a stream of boundless inspiration

Sink deep into your heart

Playfully express your hearts desires

Various Flower Essences*, Almond oil** – carrier oil (Prunus amygdalus dulcis), High grade alcohol – natural preservative, Dried Neroli flowers – biological (Citrus aurantium), Neroli oil** (Citrus aurantium), Palma Rosa oil** (Cymbopogon martinii), Vetiver oil** (Vetiveria zizanoides)

*Organic, biodynamic and sourced sustainably
**100% pure, organic and sourced sustainably


10 ML

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How to use

Roll on your palms, wrists, in your neck or use as a natural perfume.


As many times as you want


Sensual, earthy, citrus


Smooth, oily

Not sure which blend to pick? Drop us a (voice)message via Whatsapp and we’ll help you find the perfect flower essence blend for you.

The Spirit of 


I playfully ignite my creative passion