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April ¬†‚ÄĘ

Curiosity & Play

As the spring sun is warming my body – I find myself crying over a cute dog video on Instagram… We can say emotions are flowing richly these days. Perhaps something to do with a full moon in Libra coming Thursday? Or a slight overwhelm in my agenda might also have some influence here. I feel torn between inner excitement, energy and creativity desperately longing to find a ventilation channel – and on the other side a complete paralysis when I want to come into action. Torn between yin – craving time alone, staring into a gentle brook or something else soothing and yang – action, movement, energy. With as a result: deep emotions coming to rise, emotions that not necessarily have a direct message attached to them, they just want to be released I guess.¬†

It’s a bit of a weird vibe I must say – but as always, all I can and will do it surrender to it’s flow and see where it takes me. Perhaps you recognize this duality in energy or maybe you’re vibing high on life & on the spring energy filled with potential and possibilities.¬†

Either way – it’s a perfect time¬†to give expression to that what wants to come out, in a creative and playful way. Spring reminds us to our inner child, to the playful and open-minded parts of us that don’t take things too seriously. A flower that’s been with me in energy these past days is – no surprise – a flower that brings just that! One of the favorite flowers of my grandmother: Zinnia.¬†


Musing of Zinnia

Let us marvel through this world,
the wonderful playground that it is.

Let us bask in play,
roll in humor and
dream away in curiosity.

Let us live, breath and dwell in creativity 
embracing our forever inner child. 

Remembering the endless joy
of being alive. 

With loving wonder & awe,

I found a poem I want to share with you for this month, from the Apricot Memoirs. 

Not to be confined to the paintbrush but
released and eaten whole in the living, the
doing, the talking, the being –



Does this message resonate with you? Creative Juice is a beautiful, light and playful remedy – with of course Zinnia as one of the ingredients – that feels so so fitting to the energy of this period. Discover her here ‚ô°

I hope you have a wonderful April, filled with play, wonder and creativity.