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February  •

Connecting with the heart

As the light of spring is slowly entering the energy in nature, so we are emerging from our winter cocoon. Last week was Imbolic – rooted in Celtic traditions, marking the halfway point between the winter solstice (Yule) and the spring equinox (Ostara). Beautifully, the word Imbolic means ‘in the belly of the Mother’, symbolizing the seeds of spring that are beginning to grow in the belly of Mother Earth. 

I love the positivity and gentle energy that this moment reflects. The return of light, the very beginning of growth and the start of a new yearcycle of expansion.

I don’t do new years resolutions – as the timing in early January doesn’t call for such dedicated goals – usually set from the mind. I do create a vision – or feeling actually – for the new year around this time, early February. As I feel the energy invites me to plant the seeds and nurture them over the coming months. I do this from the heart, from what I feel – and that works best for me with images, since giving words to it feels too limiting. I love to be surprised by the way life brings my vision to life – often in more exciting and magical ways than I could ever envision myself. 

This months flower is a special one – not only is she one of the most poisonous flowers out there – and perhaps because of this, her energy is so potent. As a homeopathic medicine Foxglove is used for heart failure – in a very small dosis of course. As a flower essence her energy is more gentle but also revolves around the heart. A beautiful remedy that fits this months energy like a glove.


Musing of Foxglove

What are the seeds you desire to nurture and grow this year? What do you see for yourself – what do you feel when you sink deeper into your hearts desires? Let my energy help you to move beyond the mind, beyond the ‘responsible’, ‘sensible’ and connect with your heart – as it is the heart that homes our true life force. Let me guide you to your deepest desires, letting go of what you think you should be or behave like.

What do YOU want?

Invite my energy and see where it leads you. Be bold, be playful and most of all: follow the joy! That is the most direct indicator your heart is speaking to you.


In the spirit of Foxglove and following your heart – I would like to introduce you to the Artemis remedy.

As the Greek goddess of nature, hunt and the moon – Artemis navigates from an intuitive wisdom and aims with an arrow that never misses. 

The Artemis remedy helps to find your true purpose from the heart and courageously break with the old to align with your calling.

The energy of Artemis gives you the inner confidence to follow your own path in freedom and with joy. May she guide you to make bold moves from the heart.

Artemis is now part of the flower essence collection – she is not for the faint hearted ♡

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