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for your clients, retreat or event

Custom mists, rollers & remedies

Your own branded mists, rollers or remedy, an hommage to the power of co-creation and the art of healing.

Discover the enchanting realm of our custom mists and rollers, tailored exclusively for you – and bearing your very own branding. ⁠

In this beautiful co-creation we craft a bespoke recipe of essential oils, creating a signature scent that becomes a captivating olfactory experience. Charged with carefully and intentionally selected flower remedies that add their magic on an energetic level. ⁠

Together forming a unique potion that brings healing to your clients or retreat guests on a whole different level.

Does this resonate with you? — I’d love hear more about your ideas and tell you more about the possibilities. Schedule an online chat with me via the button below. 


Some ideas on how to the Flowers can add their magic to your sessions.

A beautiful gift for your clients, to give them some extra support in their transformative processes before, during or after your session(s).

A magical potion that supports on the themes that will play a role in your retreat or group program. 

Flower Essences work energetically and are a great companion during ceremonies. They are a perfect addition to your ceremonial cacao or to cleanse the space and participants of your ceremony. 

Some ideas: 

  • A co-created blend of flower essences to add to your ceremonial cacao 
  • A co-created blend in a spray with flower essences & essential oils to set the energy of the space and/or cleanse the room.

‘Healing yourself is connected with healing others’

Yoko Ono

The flower essences used are from Bach Flower Essences and from the Flower Essence Society from California. Both are bio dynamically sources, with high respect for Mother Nature. They are completely safe to use on all living beings.