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Supporting you to thrive

I believe we are here to experience it all…

And I love how the flowers guide us with their wisdom, showing us the path to our truest selves. With their gentle yet powerful energy, they help us shed our limiting beliefs and fears, and embrace all that we are meant to be.

Not bypassing the darker parts, the challenging bits – because they are part of the ride as well. But as we navigate the challenges of life, the flowers are there to support us, to ease our burdens, and help us find our way back to our authentic selves.

I want you to see the world as a place of wonder and magic, full of endless possibilities waiting to be explored. I want you to open up to all those magical experiences and truly, deeply feel them, soak them up and embrace it all – the good the bad and the ugly. It’s all part of being human.

Allow the power of the flowers to support you in the theme’s in your life that are asking to be looked at. To guide you back to your true self and let a world of endless possibilities open up to you.

Let’s bring in the Flower Magic!

Let the healing treasures of Mother Nature guide you to your true, most loving self. 

Growing up I was surrounded by plants & flowers

My mom and grandmother (oma) passionately shared their love for plants with me and we can say: that worked addictive… With a ‘oma’ born in Indonesia and a mom with healing hands – an holistic view on life was something I was raised in. Alternative medicine, Bach flowers, drawing mandalas, astrology and tarot cards – were part of the day to day life. 

Looking back, I now realize how extraordinary that upbringing was. With The Spirited Garden I want to bring the healing treasures of Mother Nature into a day to day ritual. By creating products that support us women in our modern lives, helping us heal and thrive – while being our most true and authentic selves. 

My dream is to make using flower remedies as common as wearing perfume everyday. To elevate your energy and feel amazing about who you are. 

Love, Emily

About Emily

Emily is a brand designer, artist and flower essence practitioner from Rotterdam. In deep awe with and truly passionate about the healing power of mother nature. With The Spirited Garden she creates flower remedies and essential oil products that elevate your well-being and catalyze healing.

Education & Experience

Master Strategic Design, TU Delft

Reiki I & II

Intuition practitioner, Centrum Effectieve Intuïtie

Tarot reader

Flower essence practitioner

Current: Herbal medicine


Co-Founder Mindful Magic

Brand Energy Designer & Artist