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flower essences & essential oils

Healing treasures of Mother Nature for your daily ritual

Consciously composed products with flower essences & essential oils supporting you to heal and thrive – while embracing your most true and authentic self. 

Handmade with deep intention and care by a certified herbalist & flower essence practitioner.

The world is a beautiful playground – a world of wonders. Let the power of the flower essences support you in the themes in your life that are asking to be looked at.

So you can truly open up to all those magical experiences life gives us. Deeply feel them, soak them up and embrace it all. The good the bad and the ugly. Allowing you to live the life that gives you true joy!  

custom to your life themes

Personal Remedy

A blend created specially for you and the themes that play a role in your life at this moment. This personal remedy comes with a 1:1 Flower Essence Ceremony in which we together unravel the themes your remedy may support you in.

custom blends

For coaches & healers

Co-created blends for your retreat, 1:1 coaching or other ceremonial sessions you want to add some flower magic to. 

IrjaPersonal Remedy
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"Emily has helped me in the transformation of my business - in which I wanted to make big steps this year. The flower essence remedy from The Spirited Garden helped me to soften in this proces. From pushing myself and doing too much, I let go of what no longer served me and do things from a gentle and loving energy. Emily feels exactly what is needed and creates an essence to just that. Easily used by some drops under your tongue each day."
KikiPersonal Remedy
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"Thank you for this beautiful, loving, soothing and empowering mix. An ultimate feeling of luxury and love to take the drops. The softness and sweetness of the blossom lands so softly while I also feel layers of grounding and strength in it."
ElfiePersonal Remedy
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"The personal remedy helped me in a time of turmoil and farewell. Emily's fine guidance and insights were a source of support in those turbulent times. She had made a nice mix that helped me to focus and took off the sharp edges of the day. Subtle, but still tangible. With the support of the flower essences I have come into calmer waters."
ElisiaPersonal Remedy
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"After a week of taking my personal remedy, I could already notice that something changed in my system. The words of the affirmation actually became tangible in my body. I began to deeply feel that what I said was actually true. So empowering!"
NadjaPersonal Remedy
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"The remedy feels very nice Emily. Just read again what it does and that is exactly what I experience. Grateful!"
AnneliesPersonal Remedy
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"In Dec. 21 I started with my Personal Remedy. A nice mix of tailored to me personally. Withe the flower essences I experience more peace of mind and confidence. Highly recommended if you are looking for support in a natural way!"

about me & the flowers

Growing up I was surrounded by plants & flowers

My mom and grandmother (oma) passionately shared their love for plants with me and we can say: that worked addictive…

With a ‘oma’ born in Indonesia and a mom with healing hands – an holistic view on life was something I was raised in. Alternative medicine, Bach flowers, drawing mandalas, astrology and tarot cards – were part of the day to day life.

Petals dancing
On the gentle rhythm
Of the wind
Holding a mystery
An ancient wisdom
Of healing powers
Softly guiding you
Transforming into
A whole new phase
Of being.